Who is dana bash dating

They announced their engagement about a year prior to the births, but I don't think they've ever married -- still together, as far as I know.Why is there room in my brain for this stuff, when I have trouble remembering my phone number? His post-Election 2012 meme was to spout the shit that President Obama didn't have a mandate.

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The boyfriend of CNN’s Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash was apparently not all too happy with the recent rhetoric that President-elect Donald Trump has been using against CNN.R2, Dana Bash & John King had a son in June 2011, then officially separated in March 2012 after living apart for a few months, & eventually divorced -- the marriage lasted 4 years.The couple who had twins (1 boy, 1 girl, March 2011) was Kyra Phillips & John Roberts, both formerly with CNN -- she's now with HLN & he's with Fox.Look at this post, isn’t she looking gorgeous in the shot taken by her ex-husband and present co-worker John King?Dana Bash currently has an affair with the actor of “the guy from that thing” Spencer Garrett.

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