Vb stored procedure not updating database

The Telerik Open Access ORM tool supports usage of stored procedures for retrieving and modifying data.

Stored procedures can be used to retrieve, insert, update, and delete data.

Also, the names and types of the parameters can be given for a procedure with the sub-element to specify the code that should be used when the stored procedure is maintained by Open Access.

When no name is given for a stored procedure, an auto-generated name is used.

Mapping node specification The The first approach allows all the required information, even the stored procedure contents to be generated automatically.

It matches the forward mapping behavior where you just specify that you want to use stored procedures and all is automatically handled by Open Access.

More on the topic can be found in How to: Update Data Using a Stored Procedure.

Stored procedure definition on Telerik Open Access ORM The stored procedures used by Telerik Open Access ORM are table-dependent.

Stored procedures could be used for insertion or deletion of persistent classes.The names of the ‘children’ collection fields link table stored procedures are specified here; therefore no auto generated name is used for those procedures.The deletion of the instances of class Person is done by the stored procedure named ‘delete Person’, which also specified the parameter names, an additionally passed constant value and the used code.In addition to the user defined parameters the style in which the stored procedure code is shown here; note that the code itself is highly dependent on the SQL dialect used.Reverse Mapping Scenario With the Reverse Mapping wizard it is possible to select existing stored procedures from the database to be used for each mapped class or collection.

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