Ssbhm dating

The assistant came into shot, looking like a pretty muscular kid my age, which was around 18-19, hauling another boy the same age, but pretty chubby and screaming and crying and tied up with coarse rope.

The blob let out something close to a moan at that, and yeah, I do mean the kind of moan just before an orgasm. The assistant held up a fold of the beast's belly, clearly with a bit of difficulty but I suppose that's where he got those muscles from.

Its assistant, presumably, whoever was holding the camera, quickly stuffed the tube back into the blob's mouth.

All my mates are, and while they all cringed and told horror stories about all the shit they'd found online, I just shrugged impassively.

I wondered idly how it must smell in that room, and wondered if I felt lucky or unlucky that I wasn't the fat man's assistant.

Just as I was marveling how limbs had been absorbed into the great beast of the blob's belly, just chubby parodies of fingers and toes remaining, the camera was placed on a stand, and footsteps could be heard against the tile floor.

I watch every single one of those 'Half Ton' whatever documentaries, 'World's Fattest', I've seen them all.

It's something of a morbid obsession by now, but all of the fatties in those documentaries were too boring for me now, I didn't take sickening delight from their just barely immobile bodies anymore. I hurriedly did what I had to do to get to that video, installing browsers and proxies and all, and finding it took me almost half the night but finally I had it.

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