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Even more complex was the military RCP and RBP-1, also built by RCA for the Navy during WWII.The RCP used double conversion receivers with multiple tuners installed in four, seven foot tall racks.When a BFO was injected into the second detectors the strength of the BFO oscillator would capture the AVC and not allow it to follow the signal strength variations in that receiver.

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In the early 1920s, two engineers working for RCA, Harold H. The event that fomented Beverage and Peterson's interest happened when the two were monitoring signal reception from two points simultaneously.Additional problems started to surface when it became necessary for the diversity receivers to operate on CW.The interaction of the receivers in maintaining a constant detector load output regardless of variations on the separate antenna-receiver inputs required the AVC to be operational.Since the ionosphere was nearly always in a changing state and since radio waves would frequently be simultaneously refracted at several different levels in the ionosphere, fading due to radio wave phase changes on a single antenna was always going to be present.The solution was to use separate antennas and separate receivers to provide the isolation necessary so each antenna and receiver would react to radio waves specific to its time and space relationship.

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