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It is also acceptable to use either toilet paper or water only.However, the exclusive use of toilet paper has conditions.Skin to skin contact with a member of the opposite sex, who has reached an age where he or she is normally desired.(the females whom one is not allowed to marry in any circumstance such as his mother, sister etc. When performing either the wudu' or ghusl, all substances which prevent water from reaching the parts to be washed and wiped must be removed.To clean oneself after urinating and defecating, the person dries himself of all urine with toilet paper after urinating, and then pours water on the areas where the urine was.In the case of defecation, the person is correct if he removes the defecation with toilet paper and then pours water on the stained area to remove the traces.

The person praying must be Muslim and must have reached the state of mental discrimination which is usually around seven lunar years (about 6 3/4 solar years).Islamically, there are substances that are considered filthy and must not be on the persons body, clothes, place of prayer, or even carried when praying.Some of these substances include urine, feces, blood, vomit, pus, and discharges from the penis and vagina, except maniyy (semen and the womans fluid of orgasm) which is not filthy.Allah revealed: This verse from the Quran means: 0 you who believe, if you stand up for prayer, wash your face and arms up to [and including] the elbows and wet wipe [part of] your head and wash your feet up to [and including] the ankles.(al-Maidah, 6) Wudu' (Ablution) has obligatory and recommended parts.

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