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Long before our current era of social media and smartphones, whether we accessed bulky computers from home, our friends' houses, or the library, the narratives of many of our lives held plot arcs marked by instant messages and emails.

Coming of age in a moment when the world began to discover just how big and just how small it was offered deeply exhilarating and frightening prospects.

I try to camouflage the drawings to pass in selfie culture.

I also try to be transparent about my process because so often we just see the finished products of things, and I am interested in the documentation of the process as part of the process itself.

My work talked about things I saw, things I knew and things I experienced, but rarely did I make work about my own life to share with others. I only very rarely made self-portraits, mostly when I needed to draw and felt a little uninspired.

Mostly, I found myself feeling narcissistic when I tried.

I lost interest in finding responsible ways of recounting actual dates, because I was not interested in potentially or non-consensually exposing anyone.

Above all, I've learned the value of self-discovery and self-exploration in relationship to other people who are putting themselves out there, online, in the pursuit of some kind of meaningful connection.Over time, the project has progressed, and become more of a series that helps me meditate on my own very particular, personal relationship as a woman to the larger world around me.In doing the work, I have grown up, and so has the project itself.It's risky to expose yourself, to share a messy process of understanding when you are still very much making your own sense of the world, let alone discovering yourself.I came home after this disappointing date, sat down at my drawing desk, and reflected on my day.

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