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It's a great place to view some of the most wanted babes online.

Watch really hot tall girls using their skills and lust to deal extra tasty dicks in no time.

In fact, the more 'normal' their name, the more they seem to earn.

It's all about getting the customer to connect with you.

The real money happens when they perform a private dance. Dancers range from single, to in a relationship, to married with kids.

Especially the middle-aged ones during the quieter weekdays. Each girl takes a turn dancing on the pole a few times a night – it's essentially a way of advertising themselves.

Think less and more empty kebab boxes, stray hair extensions and a spray-tan booth. But on a quiet weekday, it's way tougher to bring home that kinda bacon and it can be a real dog eat dog environment. When Rihanna sang "Sex in the air, I love the smell of it" she wasn't talking about strip clubs.

Unless she loves the waft of Red Bull, feet and Febreeze. Some girls set up their own 'stripper' Facebook pages.

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Unlike in movies, this literally never happens in the UK.

Sex dates force you out of your comfort zone and really tap into your inner animal.

Do you think thousands of years ago that humans played the social dating games we play now?

We had one who was lovely, really good at schmoozing rich businessmen, and another who kept the girls in check and balanced the books with a face of stone. If you're looking for 'extras' you need to head elsewhere.

Decent clubs employ a 'no touching' rule, and security are always on hand to turf anyone out who gets too hands-on. just by telling all the customers it was my birthday. Stripping is a bloody hard job and the women who choose to do it deserve every penny they make.

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