Alex morgan dating sounder

If we want to hide something and are not feeling comfortable then that’s also wrong.” There has been nothing wrong with how Morgan has embraced her newfound celebrity.

Although she is on a road to international stardom the forward has not forgotten what it took to get there.

“I was impressed from the very moment when I saw her in the box,” Sundhage said.

But the coach didn’t want to thrust Morgan into a starting role without grooming her for the world stage.

Perhaps the strongest reminder is how she missed much of her senior season at Diamond Bar High in 2007 after partially tearing the anterior cruciate ligament in her right knee.

“I was a little emotional like every player gets now and then,” Morgan said of not playing that one game.

Then the Southern Californian became an overnight sensation by scoring late goals in the semifinals and final.

“Every time she came off the bench she was just such a lift,” veteran defender Rachel Buehler said.

“They are definitely on our radar all the time,” Morgan said.

“They have proven themselves over and over again.” So has Morgan, who left Cal in 2010 with 45 career goals and a degree in political economy.

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